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Pretty Easy

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Thurso, Caithness, United Kingdom
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Cute, quirky creatures that make perfect companions! :3

These are my own design of plushie that I'm selling :).

The idea came to me when I was making a leg of another plushie, hence the name 'Oddities'.

I'm extremely pleased with these! :D. I think they are adorable and each has their own character. My own one is on my work desk looking at me as if to say 'What'cha dooooing?'

I'd appreciate if you could check out my Facebook page: I put all updates on there and if I am working on a design then I'll upload work in progress pictures.

Thanks for looking :D.



Sheldon Plush

Sheldon Plush

Sheldon - the tiny dinosaur who thinks he's a turtle.

♥ 40
Crochet Facehugger

Crochet Facehugger

Full size Crochet Facehugger

♥ 17
R2D2 Hat

R2D2 Hat

Beep be-boop!

♥ 22
Adventure Time Finn And Jake Dolls

Adventure Time Finn And Jake Dolls

Make this pair and have an adventure!

♥ 93
Charmander Plushie

Charmander Plushie

For the Pokemon trainers! <3

♥ 9
Blooper :D (Mario Bros)

Blooper :D (Mario Bros)

Isn't it cute? :)

♥ 103



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