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Grand Juction, colorado, United States
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cool home made tutu.

<img src="" width=320 height=249 border=0>

Their lots of tulle out their so many kinds, My was from walmarts for a 1.17 dollars a yard. I seen some for 65cents a yard. Some I saw was 2.00 dollar a yard but very nice.

my blue one is a pixie cut tutu. it have two layers.



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  1. How to make a tutu. No Sew Tutu - Step 1 1

    first you need lots of tulle. I really don't know how much you need, it depends on how many colors you pick out. like me I did 5 yards of black 5 yards of gray and 5 yards of purple. or just one color I start with 10 yards. It took me 4 trips to the store. that alot of tull but I'm a plus size woman. for you small girls it shouldn't take much.

  2. How to make a tutu. No Sew Tutu - Step 2 2

    First, you're going to need to cut the tulle into strips, cut stripes about 6 inches wide. this is, if you can't find them in rolls. I have to buy my in yards. Then measure and mark your size and cut elastic. To me this is easy part, tie elastic to chair to chair like a clothe line.

  3. How to make a tutu. No Sew Tutu - Step 3 3

    now your can just tie the tulle on easy and tight togather.

    Place the tulle in a "U" shape underneath the elastic. Try to keep the ends as close to even as possible to one another. Again, though, don't worry about perfection because slight variances actually add flair.

  4. How to make a tutu. No Sew Tutu - Step 4 4

    Bring the two upper portions of the tulle "U" over the elastic. Together, pull them underneath the curved bottom of the "U" for the beginnings of a knot. Pull tightly, securing the tulle against the elastic.

  5. How to make a tutu. No Sew Tutu - Step 5 5

    Repeat this step until you have went all around your elastic. There should be no elastic visible when completed. If you wish to make a 2 or more color Tutu, simply alternate colors as you continue this step. before your get clost to your size tie a knot in the elastic and keep on going utill the knot is cover with tulle

  6. How to make a tutu. No Sew Tutu - Step 6 6

    When completed, your tutu waistline should like the one in this photo. As you can see, there is no elastic showing. if you want you can glue a bow to the back.

    now you are really for all most every fairytale. dark or light fairy or you want to be a rockstar or puckrocker or ballet dancer. you can make them short or long. this one I make it long in the back and short in the front. I like my tutu so much I thinking about making a long wedding dress. like the skirt be a tutu and just buy a top at a bride store.

  7. How to make a tutu. No Sew Tutu - Step 7 7

    I find this Video of a mother and daugther making a tutu for her daugther hallween. And it help me out.

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    now you know how to make a tutu. now you can make head bands and arm bands or make a tutu for your dog lol. have fun and let me know if you made one love to see it.

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