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Nice & Simple

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Sennfeld, Bavaria, Germany
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white sailor hat, halloween costume, no sew, easy to make

Halloween! Want to be a sailr girl or dress up as Popeye and Olive Oil like my husband and I. Then, have a go with this Sailor Hat!

Very cheap and easy Sailor Hat! Large coffee filters, card board pizza box, stapler and glur. If you want to rim to look better try glueing white fabric. In my pictures the smaller one has only coffee filters glued to it and the larger hat has a white mesh fabric clued to it but still a coffee filter for the crown. Hope you enjoy!




  1. Step 1 1

    Measure the card board around your head and staple where needed.

  2. Step 2 2

    Place large coffee filter inside of circle. Alternating sides staple coffee filter to card board.

  3. Step 3 3

    Choose your supplies for the white rim. I recomend white fabric. If you do not have fabric white paper and even coffee filter will work.

  4. Step 4 4

    I glue my white material around the card board first.

    Remember to leace hang over more on one side than the other. You will just need anought hang over to fold over the staples and the opther side will need more coverage.

  5. Step 5 5

    Cut slits in the paper or fabric.

    Fold over one bit at a time, glueing as you go.

  6. Step 6 6

    One you have all the paper or fabric glued down and dry gently push coffee filter back the other way.

    The rim must stay glued down. Hold the rim a little down the card board with your finger so not to rip up the glue or staples.

    Be gental.

  7. Step 7 7

    Flip hat over to other side.

    Cut slits for this side too.

    Repeat the glueing process, the same as the other side.

  8. Step 8 8

    Let hat dry or use a hair drier.

    Place on head and adjust to you likeing.

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