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Square small no bake cookies
So easy to make, and made with no peanut butter!

I wanted to make No Bakes one day, but had no PB! It was very hard to find a recipe without it, so I posted a version to make your life easier!




  1. 1

    First, gather your supplies.

    2 cups sugar
    3 cups oats
    1/3 cup cocoa
    1/2 cup milk
    8 tbsp butter (1 whole stick)

  2. 2

    Take a medium saucepan and mix sugar, butter, milk, and cocoa. Set your stove to medium heat.

  3. 3

    Every few minutes stir the mix. Here's a tip:
    While your mix is boiling get your wax paper ready, or if you dont have wax paper, use anything silicone or like i do, use cupcake wrappers.

  4. 4

    When your mix is boiling, take off heat and turn off stove. Mix in the oats. Make sure there are no pure white oats.

  5. 5

    Take a spoon and scoop out a good size and plop it on your wax paper, etc. Here's a tip when using cupake wrappers:
    Set all of your cupcake wrappers in a cupake tin, so then the wrappers dont slip.

  6. 6

    Let them cool for about an hour or put in freezer for 20 minutes. Makes about 12 cookies. ENJOY!

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lisa.lavoie.167 · Salem, Massachusetts, US

Hi Evelyn K. Thanks for this version of the recipe. My son and I added a tablespoon of vanilla extract as well and you could really taste it since there was no peanut butter. He'll be able to take these to school and share them tomorrow because they're safe for the peanut allergy kids.

Evelyn K.
Evelyn K. · 1 project

Well, this is for ppl who have peanut allergies, or if you dont have any PB.

Evelyn B.
Evelyn B. · Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Thanks Evelyn K. for sharing. And your right about not finding a recipe with out peanut butter. And that is why I was looking for this recipe for those who have peanut allergies.

Emmyann07 · California, United States · 49 projects

but the peanut butter is the best part! :D

Evelyn K.
Evelyn K. · 1 project

I'm sorry I made a mistake! For milk it's half a cup! Enjoy?

val.swan.37 · Greensboro, North Carolina, US

oh darn! i just made according to your recipe above. can you edit it so that it is correct? hope they still turn out with too much milk...


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