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Pretty Easy

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A Nirvana t-shirt made with fabric print out sheets and white fabric paint.

This is a t-shirt that my sister made from the above supplies. We had to cut down on fabric print-out sheets due to messing up on a few, so Nirvana couldn't fit in on her's so she used fabric paint to write that out and to write out 'unplugged 1993'. By the way, holy crap fabric print out sheets are extremely usefull!!! i would definitely recommend buying more than one package!



Diy Lungs & Lace Tee

Diy Lungs & Lace Tee

Anatomy-Inspired Lace Cut-Out Shirt

♥ 37
Dripping Chanel Shirt.

Dripping Chanel Shirt.

who said bootleg clothing was a waste of time.

♥ 222
Customized T Shirt

Customized T Shirt

Make a quick and easy fashion garment

♥ 50
Personalising T Shirts

Personalising T Shirts

Writting on your t-shirts :)

♥ 120
Tie T Shirt

Tie T Shirt

Let’s Get Crafty

♥ 18
Doiley Shirts

Doiley Shirts

i gots bord and found stuff at the salvation army store

♥ 31



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