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Backus, Minnesota, US
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To keep your nintendo snuggly warm.

I wanted to make a cover for my nintendo so it wouldn't get scratched when I accidently drop it or something. After a little thinking I decided to make a felt bear cover!

It's padded and has a flap with a clasp on the back. The hardest part was sewing it all together. It took forever! I watched a movie while I sewed to pass the time -__-

Of course, this was made a reaaally long time ago and I just decided to feature it on this site now so it's safe to say that my sewing skills have improved! Somewhat...



Glitter Xbox360 Controller

Glitter Xbox360 Controller

You can now game in style!

♥ 27
Pimped Palm - Part Two

Pimped Palm - Part Two

Now with even more sparkles.

♥ 10
Fall Out Mentats And Caps

Fall Out Mentats And Caps

need a fix? need some cash? you've come to the right place :)

♥ 15
Customize The Dsi

Customize The Dsi

bleep bot and blu

♥ 1
Pimped Palm - Part One

Pimped Palm - Part One

From geeky to sparkly.

♥ 17
My Ds Ü

My Ds Ü

DS, pocket, cosy, funny, colorful, customise, kawaii, pink, green, purple, pouch

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