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So so

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Dunakeszi, Pest, Hungary
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after biology :]

black pants, grey sweater, cullen crest cufflink, black notebook, bushy eyebrows, golden eyes and bronze hair :]

i am still having some problems with the back of the hair, so if you have any suggestions, i'd really appreciate them :] <3

in one picture you can see his volvo c30 and in two of them you can see my other characters

i still need to work out a size, cause all of them turn out different, but hey, this is only my 6th :]



Jack Skellington Faces

Jack Skellington Faces

The many faces of the pumpkin king!

♥ 32
Pokeball Keychains :)

Pokeball Keychains :)

polymer clay pokeballs

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Despicable Me Minions

Despicable Me Minions

so cute X3

♥ 31
Plasticine Friends

Plasticine Friends

Cute Mini Plasticine Friends (:

♥ 8
Fimo Sea Monster

Fimo Sea Monster

A desk decoration That will guard your office supplies

♥ 18
My Baby Groot

My Baby Groot

My baby Groot :)

♥ 6



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