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Bideford, England, GB
*New* Crafter...Oo Magazine
T Shirt Hacking   T Shirt To Scarf And Armwarmers
Spool Strip Tease
Matryoshka Sewing Kit
brand new crafty magazine from members of Crafter...oo forum

Members of my super friendly UK based craft forum Crafter...oo worked really hard and brought out a fantastic crafty magazine bursting at the seams with 17 projects,crafty advice and features all for the bargainous price of £1.50 - this will be a quarterly publication and i'm really proud to have been part of it - i have a tutorial in it on how to make a vintage map pendant and i'll be giving away the pendant to one lucky subscriber :)


follow this link to buy the magazine <a href="http://www.crafteroo.co.uk/smf/index.php/board,103.0.html">click here to buy</a>

Fold Underwear

Fold Underwear

5 easy steps for a perfect underwear drawer

♥ 146
Hundred Pieces Swan!

Hundred Pieces Swan!

Graceful Origami Swan!

♥ 3
Fold Your Clothes Chinese Style

Fold Your Clothes Chinese Style

How to fold your t-shirts in a perfect way

♥ 19
Capri Sun Pouch Purse

Capri Sun Pouch Purse

Capri Sun Purse

♥ 10
Mini Christmas Box

Mini Christmas Box

Very decorative way of giving gifts!

♥ 5
Folding Bags Into Triangles For More Space.

Folding Bags Into Triangles For More Space.

Bags, bags everywhere! How do I thin you out without throwing you out?

♥ 2


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