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Pretty Easy

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Small washers
This clothes hanger can be used really easily to simply organise all of your necklaces in a cute way.

I thought that this DIY wouldn't need a description written step by step. It's just so simple!
You choose a clothes hanger, paint it if you like, but this isn't necessary of course and then you just bore little holes in the clothes hanger and last of all you push little hooks into these holes.
I told you it was easy, now hang it up somewhere you like and decorate it with all of your favorite necklaces.



Ombre Necklace Rack

Ombre Necklace Rack

You only need some craft wood and a few other supplies.

♥ 35
Professional Jewelry Neck

Professional Jewelry Neck

Don't buy one, make one!

♥ 20
Necklace Holder

Necklace Holder

A whimsical necklace holder

♥ 29
Necklace Display

Necklace Display

display your pretties.

♥ 32
Diy Deer Antler Necklace Rack

Diy Deer Antler Necklace Rack

Hang your necklaces with rustic style. :)

♥ 28



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