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Antigonish, NS, Canada
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repell those spiders

Chad(my bf) is very scared of spiders, so I was looking online for spider killers and I found some ideas online, most say vingar, some say vingar and pepper...the best one I think used vingar, pepper, soap, oil


You Will Need

Almost Nothing

  1. 1

    take one cup of vingar, one cup of pepper powder, a teaspoon of oil and liquid soap.

    put it into a spray bottle and spay along the outside of your door(outside door) and along windows

    refresh after it rains

  2. 2

    or try washing your floors in vingar and water.

    from my online research, spiders hate strong smells, also I think the acid in the vingar must help

  3. 3

    or try hedgeapple or osage orange. That is supposed to keep them away.

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