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Nice 'n' Simple

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Ontario, Canada
Square small cinnamonbun1
Square small crayon art
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everyone has been doing this, so i decided to do one of my own:) with a little twist..

i have been seeing this ALL OVER the internet, so i thought, why dont i try it? and it was my cousins birthday a day ago, so i thought it would be a great gift! anyway, i decided to do it a little different then most are, i did it in the shape of a heart, taking advantage of the corners of my canvas;) it was really easy, and fun to do too!!




  1. 1

    paint your entire canvas black

  2. 2

    while its drying start peeling your crayons, the amount of crayons depends on the size of your canvas and how far apart you're placing them
    i broke mine into thirds because a whole crayon was too big, but whatever works for you:)

  3. 3

    once your paint is dry, you now need to draw on your heart. i used a cut out heart because i was scared to free-hand it with permanent markerlol
    i used the corner of a piece of paper to cut out the heart, its kind of hard to explain, i hope you understand ahah:P
    so trace on your heart;)

  4. 4

    now place your crayons around your heart the way you like

    then one by one, glue them down

    and wait to dry...

  5. 5

    when it is dry or almost dry, cover your workspace with newspapers, or else the wax will drip onto your surface

  6. 6

    nows the fun part:)hold your canvas vertical, and use your blowdryer to melt the crayons outwards towards the edge of the canvas

  7. 7

    once your satisfied with the colourful wax pattern, turn off your blowdryer and set aside. the wax drys very quickly, so you dont really need to wait for it to dry

  8. 8

    now paint the inside of your heart black once again if you need it. i did, because i got a little bit of wax on the inside, and the colour was kind of faded

  9. 9

    now, with your sparkley nail polish, polish the WAX, not the canvas the WAX, even the streaks, this is optional, but i did it because i love sparkles<3:)

    Voila! C'est fini! hope you could understand the instructions, i probably make it sound more complicated than it actually is:P

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