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London, GB
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Twlight sparkle crown thingi

I was asked to make this for someone as part of thei costume but they never ended up paying me for it but it was a fun little project to do and im glad I did it.

I basically cut out the shape of the crown on foam and attached it to a tiara base then I painted it gold and added rhinestones.

I carefully studied the reference photo and did the top part of the tiara out of craft wire following the pattern the star is made from polymer clay coated with clear nail polish to give it a shine



Sailor Moon Tiara

Sailor Moon Tiara

Easy Way to make a sailor tiara

♥ 65
Headband To Flower Headband

Headband To Flower Headband

Turn your simple headband to a beautiful flower crown :)

♥ 14
Diy Lace Crown

Diy Lace Crown

Add a little bit of fancy to your daily life!

♥ 0
Tutorial : Diy Ice Crown And Ice Necklace

Tutorial : Diy Ice Crown And Ice Necklace

The perfect Crown and Necklace to complete your Ice Queen Cosplay!

♥ 7
Clematis Tiara

Clematis Tiara

This stunning tiara allows you to be really creative Keep it simple or go over the top with twirls and beads!

♥ 224
White Beaded Mini Crown

White Beaded Mini Crown

A pretty, elegant little Crown Headpiece

♥ 97



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