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Cute little mushroom cushion for my pins!

I didn't really have a good pin cushion so I decided to make one. After playing some smurfs on the Ipad I decided to make a mushroom like one of their homes.. Red and white!




  1. How to make a pin cushions. Mushroom Pin Cushion  - Step 1 1

    I started with making the cardboard sizes. Using a small and big glass to make the big and small circle. The small one I wrapped cardboard around it to make a tube, using duck tape to stick it together to the bottom wouldn't cave in afterwards. I used a bowl as the template for the red felt and cut my own white spots for the decoration.

  2. How to make a pin cushions. Mushroom Pin Cushion  - Step 2 2

    Here you can see how I made the bottom of the tube safe so it wouldn't cave in after I've made it. I had a 'X' shape that I stuck in to make it more strong.

  3. How to make a pin cushions. Mushroom Pin Cushion  - Step 3 3

    I've lost a few photos with some crafts and this was the next photo for this. I stitched on the white spots first to the red felt. Then I stuffed it with my filling and put the large cardboard circle under the filling, and stitched the red felt edges together over the cardboard to keep it all in and to make the dome like mushroom top.

  4. How to make a pin cushions. Mushroom Pin Cushion  - Step 4 4

    I filled the bottom part with some rice and added a felt white bottom (same size as the small circle of cardboard) and made the sides of the tube also covered in white felt (I guessed this size when wrapping the felt around and just cutting). Lastly I sewed the dome mushroom top to the top of the white felt around the tube. It looks a little messy but I plan on using white ribbon to hide my messy stitching!

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