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turn a glass wine or juice bottle, an old white t-shirt into a mummy vase or candle holder

As I have always been creeped out, but at the same time fascinated by mummies I wanted to craft something mummyish as a tribute and came up with this. It could be used to hold flowers or you could stick a candle in at the top and allow the drippings to collect on the mummy to give it a creepier look.



  1. How to make a vase. Mummy Vase Or Candle Holder - Step 1 1

    I used a slightly oil stained t-shirt so it was already a bit weathered looking, but if you wanted to give it an aged look you could heat up a few teabags in a large pot an then put the t-shirt in, steep in for a half hour or so then dry it.

    At the bottom of the shirt, start cutting at the bottom around a inch strip, except before you get to the end, angle upward to keep a continuous strip and continue to do so until you have enough to wrap the bottle (I went up to the mid chest on mine)

  2. How to make a vase. Mummy Vase Or Candle Holder - Step 2 2

    After cutting the continuous strip, wrap it up into a ball as it will make it easier to work with.

  3. How to make a vase. Mummy Vase Or Candle Holder - Step 3 3

    Wrap the end around the bottom then tie a knot. Start wrapping around the bottom covering the knot and continue upward overlapping a half to a quarter inch to cover the bottle completely.

  4. How to make a vase. Mummy Vase Or Candle Holder - Step 4 4

    When you get to the area that starts curving it will start to pucker, so I start wrapping higher up and go around a few times before you start working your way back down.

    Glue the eyes a little below where it starts to curve then continue wrapping, except not as close and leave an area for the eyes to peek out. I used E-6000 glue as it is sturdy, but any strong glue or a hot glue gun and sticks would work.

    When you get to the bottom cut the t-shirt and tuck it in a bit in back then dab with a bit of glue

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Jeremy C.
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If you liked this one go look at my mummy/ghost deorations. easy and fun to make and would go nicely with you vace Happy. Its not a how too buti think most everyone can figure it out from the pics lol.


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