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Boca Raton, Florida, United States
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Respect your mother.

This is the counterpart to my previous post "Posiden Costume (For Costume Hating Men)" I dressed my man up as god of the sea and myself goddess of the earth. This dress/costume was made from an old prom dress I altered, spray painted, and added fake leaves and bugs to. I had a (fake) snake around me as a boa, and made leaf covered vines that wrapped up both of my arms. Top it off with an awesome mask and hair piece and TADA!!



Masquerade Mask

Masquerade Mask

Masquerade Mask

♥ 93
Diy Lace Masquerade Mask Using Hot Glue

Diy Lace Masquerade Mask Using Hot Glue

Masquerade! Paper faces on parade! Masquerade, hide your face so the world will never find you!

♥ 123
Handmade Masquerade Mask

Handmade Masquerade Mask

Made from plaster, clay and toilet paper ^_^

♥ 42
Masquerade Mask

Masquerade Mask

Halloween must-have!

♥ 163
Masquerade Mask

Masquerade Mask

I went to a masquerade mystery dinner party and this is the mask I made

♥ 35
Romantic Mask

Romantic Mask

White masquerade mask

♥ 63



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