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Version This project is a version of Moss Terrarium by Cyanide Sweetheart

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Based on Moss Terrarium by Cyanide Sweetheart

Two moss terrariums with resin birds, one bunny burrow with hole in the ground and log, and one hill that will eventually be a hobbit home when I add a door and windows.

Gnome Terrarium

Gnome Terrarium

David the gnome

♥ 164
Diy Floating Winter Terrariums

Diy Floating Winter Terrariums

Create some magical winter decor with these floating woodland terrariums that will bring something special to your holiday cocktail party, or give the components of this project as a Christmas gift to your favorite DIY maven.

♥ 25


Bring the outside in and craft a cute terrarium. By Lindsay Stetson Thompson.

♥ 29
Succulent Terrarium

Succulent Terrarium

garden in a jar.

♥ 43
Diy Terrarium Ornaments

Diy Terrarium Ornaments

A beautiful gift that's perfect for a handmade Christmas.

♥ 52
Gentle Reminder Terrarium

Gentle Reminder Terrarium

Use odds and ends to create a personalized reminder to the person you love :)

♥ 10



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