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Double drilled scrabble tile stretch bracelet

This bracelet was made with "mosaic images" sized specifically for scrabble tiles. The tiles were double drilled; images trimmed, glued and sealed with mod podge; then a coat of diamond glaze was applied. After it was dry I strung them all with wood spacers on stretch cording.

I made a pair of earrings, made with undrilled tiles and glued to earring bails.


Thread Wrapped Bracelets

Thread Wrapped Bracelets

Colorful and trendy bracelets

♥ 6
Shotgun Shell Jewelry

Shotgun Shell Jewelry

Jewelry with a bang! Shotgun shells made into a necklace, bracelet and rings

♥ 120
Craft Diy Projects   Cool Bracelets For Guys

Craft Diy Projects Cool Bracelets For Guys

In the craft diy projects, you will be taught how to create stylish and simple wrapped leather bracelet, which are exactly distinctive and cool bracelets for guys!

♥ 19
Thread & Charm Bracelet

Thread & Charm Bracelet

Cute and simple bracelets!

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How To Make A Victorian Bracelet

How To Make A Victorian Bracelet

Victorian/Lolita bracelet. Can also be made into a choker.

♥ 7



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