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Recycling Wowie Zowie!

This is a detail of an oriental oval bowl. It is made from antique china and glass. But what is really cool is the beaded grout! I think that is the coolest.

I love mosaic work. I have had to jack hammer a lot of my walkways for various pluming redo's and so I have the need to put new walkways in. So making mosaic stepping stones is in full swing here at Casa de canejo diablo. I find making mosaics with broken dishes and found objects random and cathartic (the breaking of dishes part especially!)

My favorite mold is this one I picked up at Ikea. I hadn't bought mix in a while and the first bag I bought was the wrong stuff. :( Oops! But I gave it a shot anyway. The little rocks in the concrete mix made the stepping stone way too flimsy, bumpy and subsequently broke. I still thought it was pretty so it is staying for now.

These two came out great. I used the right mortar mix this time. Nice and smooth and strong! The top one I used that motorcycle gear I have been using in just about every type of craft project I do and broken Fiestaware like the chartreuse one. Below I used a random selection of beer bottle caps. I liked the negative space and relationships between the "dots"

Here they are in place. I was pleased how each stepping stone randomly interlocks.

Button Stepping Stones

Button Stepping Stones

Button Stepping Stones

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Concrete Garden Stones

Concrete Garden Stones

Playing with concrete can be fun

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Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

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Memorial Stone

Memorial Stone

Memorial Stone for a family pet

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Vickie G.
Vickie G. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 4 projects

I love making stepping stones and they line my flower beds. I have helped each child make one with their handprint and then they picked out objects that they could part with but represented them. One has a golf tee, and other little things to represent sports, one has a match box car, the girls mainly have shells and such.

I love the shape... the funkiness of your mold.

Amber · 19 projects

very VERY cute idea! i love the shape of them!

Candice C.
Candice C. · Wylie, Texas, US · 49 projects

LOVE this! Happy


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