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Sydney, Australia, NSW, Australia
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Created by myself and 9 other artmaker students

This was created in about 2004 by myself and 9 other artmaker students from Artmakers in Hamilton, New Zealand. The panels are about 5 ft in height and about 2.5 ft in width. It took ten of us about two weeks to complete working on it 6 hours per day. The theme of the mosaic is the city we live in. I moved overseas a couple of years after this was made and never ended up getting a photo of it, but I finally returned this year and crossed this off my to do list.


Faux Mosaic (Painted)

Faux Mosaic (Painted)

Our kitchen is Mexican themed.

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Mosaic Turtle

Mosaic Turtle

Made for my first swap at the end of 2010

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Picture Mosaic :)

Picture Mosaic :)

make a cool picture out of glass

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Lips Mosaic

Lips Mosaic

a multi leveled lips mosaic!

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Rubber Duck Mosaic

Rubber Duck Mosaic

Mosaic + Rubber Duck = a neat little addition to my rubber duck collection.

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1 Up Mushroom Glass Mosaic

1 Up Mushroom Glass Mosaic

Glass Mosaic on toilet tank ;).

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