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Version This project is a version of Monogram Craft Sticks Coasters by Creativemind

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Nice 'n' Simple

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Sacramento, California, United States
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Based on Monogram Craft Sticks Coasters by Creativemind

You cant go wrong with matching coasters! AN idea i had was to put clear packaging tape over it tell me if it works.
peeps age 11 (just turned 11 today)



Etch O Rama

Etch O Rama

For the bored at heart...

♥ 36
Sugar Skull  Wine Glass

Sugar Skull Wine Glass

Candle Holder/ / Wine Glass

♥ 3
Mason Jar Travel Cups

Mason Jar Travel Cups

These charming travel cups make great gifts or wedding favors.

♥ 22
Polka Dotted Toasting Flutes

Polka Dotted Toasting Flutes

Crafty Ideas For The Bride On A Budget

♥ 8
Bats N Bows Wine Glasses

Bats N Bows Wine Glasses

For a Special Sparkly Bride's Bachelorette Party

♥ 29
Wedding Glasses

Wedding Glasses

Happy Shiny Wedding!

♥ 40



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