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San Francisco, California, US
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When you have nothing to do, there is a solution: modular origami.

*Note: sorry for the bad quality of the pictures :(

I made these in my little bits of spare time, and I'm quite happy with how they all turned out! :) (BTW, the time of 1hr 30min is the time it took per model)

Names of all of these: (in order) (and with links)
Chandelle Kusudama
Sweet Spring Kusudama
Etna Kusudama
Little Roses Kusudama
Sonobe (variation)
Last picture: left = sonobe (same as above but smaller)
right = sonobe variation (from the book Ornamental Origami by Mukerji)
bottom in middle = something else from Ornamental Origami




Origami Interlocked Cubes

Origami Interlocked Cubes

Fingers need exercise? Try origami.

♥ 4
Ninja Knife

Ninja Knife

Origami Ninja Knife,No Effort

♥ 21
The Big Bang!

The Big Bang!

BANG! and then there was origami...

♥ 97
Origami Fireworks

Origami Fireworks

Lots of fun to play with

♥ 35
Paper Decorations

Paper Decorations

make paper decorations that you can hang from the ceiling :)

♥ 64
Origami Spiral

Origami Spiral

A great decoration

♥ 175



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