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When you have nothing to do, there is a solution: modular origami.

*Note: sorry for the bad quality of the pictures :(

I made these in my little bits of spare time, and I'm quite happy with how they all turned out! :) (BTW, the time of 1hr 30min is the time it took per model)

Names of all of these: (in order) (and with links)
Chandelle Kusudama http://goorigami.com/diagrams/chandelle-kusudama
Sweet Spring Kusudama http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hha-KNUgOw8&feature=g-vrec&context=G2e6f0cbRVAAAAAAAACg
Etna Kusudama http://goorigami.com/diagrams/etna-kusudama
Little Roses Kusudama http://goorigami.com/modular-origami/little-roses/1315
Sonobe (variation) http://nuwen.net/poly.html
Last picture: left = sonobe (same as above but smaller)
right = sonobe variation (from the book Ornamental Origami by Mukerji)
bottom in middle = something else from Ornamental Origami



How To Make A Lucky Heart

How To Make A Lucky Heart

Put a little bit of love in your life

♥ 12
Origami Heart With Horns And Bat Wings

Origami Heart With Horns And Bat Wings

It's badass!

♥ 30
Starburst Heart

Starburst Heart

theres no candy in these guys

♥ 63
Origami Index Card Heart

Origami Index Card Heart

origami, heart, index card, hobby, paper

♥ 6
Origami Hearts

Origami Hearts

small origami hearts

♥ 1
Heart Tastic Recycled Magazines

Heart Tastic Recycled Magazines

Put a little love....in everything

♥ 31


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