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Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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How make a cheap wood fan to match ANY outfit!

This is how I made a steampunk themed hand fan, but this project could be used to make any colour combination to suit any outfit. And it's really easy too!




  1. How to make a fan. Modified Fan (Steampunk Version) - Step 1 1

    Take your wooden fan and remove the pin that is holding all the vanes together. You can snip it with the pliers (which is what I did), or any other method you can think of. If you cannot remove it and keep it intact, you will need to replace it (this is where the pop rivet comes in but we'll talk about it later).

  2. 2

    Next you need to snip and remove the clear nylon thread holding the top of the vanes together. Put it in the bin. You can't re-use this.

  3. How to make a fan. Modified Fan (Steampunk Version) - Step 3 3

    Place the newspaper on your work surface and lay the vanes out in order of their placement in the fan. You will need to give them a light wipe down with a very lightly damp cloth. Too wet and the wood will soak it up.

  4. 4

    Once you are sure the wood is completely dry and ready to go, this is where the fun begins. Plan your painting or staining BEFORE you start! Make sure you have all the colours you need because these are going to have to sit for a good couple of days before you can put it all together again.

    Paint one side of the vanes and lay them on top of the chopsticks so the chop sticks lay at the top and bottom of them. This is going to stop the wood from sticking to the newspaper.

    As soon as the stain or paint is touch dry, flip them over and paint/stain the other side.

    It is important when you're painting to keep the layers of paint as thin as possible, or you won't be able to close the fan when you're done.

  5. 5

    Now this is the HARD part... Let it dry. Now now, I am one for instant gratification, but this project NEEEEEEEEDS drying time. As the pieces are drying, you will need to check on them and make sure they're not drying and sticking to the chopsticks or newspaper.

    And when I say drying time, I mean drying time. We're talking three days here. But that's okay, because once it's dry, putting back together is reeeeeeeally easy.

  6. 6

    You've made sure your vanes are dry. You have your other supplies beside you and you're ready to go.


    Take a deep breath.

    Have a cup of tea.

    Have some cupcakes.

    You need to be calm and not rush this step. If you do, you'll ruin all that hard work.

  7. 7

    Okay, so what we're going to start by doing is taking our large eyed needle and making sure all the holes at the top of the vanes (the ones that the clear thread were going through) are clear and free of any pain or stain. If they're not, our thread isn't going to go back through.

    Once they're free make sure the ones down the bottom are also clear.

  8. 8

    Take that pin from the bottom and put it SLOWLY back through the holes. That wood is fragile and can split really easily if you try and force it through.

    If you had to damage your pin, you might be able to still use it and just bend over the end with your pliers, or you're going to have to do the same with your pop rivet.

    If you're bending over your pin with your pliers, you might want to cover the end of it with something so it doesn't scratch you when you use it. A little bit of latex tool dip (aka- PlastiDip)might do the trick. I happened to have some, so that's what I used.

  9. 9

    Take your clear fishing line and thread it through the holes at the top. Now, I found it easier to take a photo of how it went through in the first place to copy it when I was re-threading it. You might want to do the same.

  10. How to make a fan. Modified Fan (Steampunk Version) - Step 10 10

    Take another breath.

    Have another cup of tea.

    Sit in the sun and fan yourself because you now have a gorgeous fan that no one else has!


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