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Pretty Easy

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For Fairies and Pixies!

I got the mini knitting idea from<a/href=""> THIS </a> blog that originally came from the lady who writes<a/href=""> THIS </a> blog.

Using tooth picks/cocktail sticks was my own idea. Plastic tooth picks would probably work as well if not better and if the picks/sticks are wooden it may help if you coat them with nail varnish, varnish or paint. The ones I used worked surprisingly well, no splinters!

The bag is my own idea.

This would be perfect for pretending the tooth fairy has been, taking the tooth but forgetting her bag! Or for Barbie accessories, as a cute gift or for fun.



  1. How to make a knitting needle. Mini Knitting - Step 1 1

    Knit as normal using tooth picks or similar with embriodery thread.

  2. How to make a knitting needle. Mini Knitting - Step 2 2

    To knit this bag simply knit a rectangle using the tooth picks and thread.

  3. How to make a knitting needle. Mini Knitting - Step 3 3

    Fold over a third of the knitting and using the thread cut off from the knitting sew the 'pouch' part of the bag up (there is a ladybug bead in there).

  4. How to make a knitting needle. Mini Knitting - Step 4 4

    Cut a small peice of craft wire about 2cm long and insert the two ends into the 'pouch' part and twist and place flat against the pouch with pliers.

    Do the same on the 'flap' part but insert one end first then thread on a bead. Insert the other end into the 'flap' and twist into a straight line. I tried to make a hook with the wire but keeping it straight worked better.

    Sew the thread left on the top corner of the bag down into the bottom corner of the 'flap' take it round the back into the other corner to make a strap, tie a knot and done.

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