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Wylie, Texas, United States
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looks like fused glass

I took this idea from JK<3's melted pony bead jewelry project.

I crushed up some pony beads and sprinkled them together in a foil form I made and melted them together.
this was originally just a test for a much bigger idea I have for a gift for my mother-in-law, but it came out so well I decided to make it into a necklace, so I drilled a hole in it and wrapped some wire through the hole.
the 2nd one I tried layering for a thicker look. I melted a layer of clear, then sprinkled the colors on top and melted that together, then another layer of clear. I drilled holes in the ends after and tried to make a bracelet, but I didn't have enough cording, so it's waiting until I go get more to be complete :P


Music Note Necklace

Music Note Necklace

The necklace that is Musical.

♥ 19
Perler Necklaces

Perler Necklaces

I freakin love perler beads!

♥ 19
Perler Bead Necklaces

Perler Bead Necklaces

Perler beads are SO addicting!

♥ 84
My Neighbor Totoro Hama Bead Necklace

My Neighbor Totoro Hama Bead Necklace

Totoro-necklace in mini-hama-beads for one of my friends

♥ 16
Andy Warhol Banana Hama Bead Necklace

Andy Warhol Banana Hama Bead Necklace

A necklace I made for one of my friends for her birthday

♥ 7
A Bee Hama Beads Necklace

A Bee Hama Beads Necklace

a bee necklace made by hama beads

♥ 10



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