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Toronto, ON, Canada
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Matching mittens to the puff stitch beret!

I was originally going to write a pattern, but I created this pattern, and I lost it :(
I'm just too messy!

Anyways, it's basically constructed working in a circle, wide enough to circle your hand, working three single-crochet rows, three rows of puff-stitch one, dc one, and skipping over your thumb, working in a single-crochet spiral till it's long enough :)

Hope that makes sense!


Cat's Paw Mittens

Cat's Paw Mittens

Warm and nice :)

♥ 35
Reversable Fleece Mittens

Reversable Fleece Mittens

These mittens are all reversible and extremely easy to make!

♥ 5
Lobster Claw Mittens

Lobster Claw Mittens

For ages 2-8 yrs

♥ 4
Baby Scratch Mitts

Baby Scratch Mitts

Keep those tiny fingers safe and toasty without the chance of scratching mom.

♥ 1
How To Mitt

How To Mitt

easy how to on making mittens

♥ 8
Mittens From An Old Sweater!

Mittens From An Old Sweater!

Snappy Recycled Mittens

♥ 77



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