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Nice 'n' Simple

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Chicago, IL, United States
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A cute simple up useful pin cushion

Please bare with me, this is my first real tutorial.

I added ribbon to the lid with some hot glue. Super easy to make.
The best place to find these jars on the cheap side is thrift stores. Buying these in bulk and brand new can be costly.
But I think you can never have too many jars for crafting items. They make excellent gifts.

Please let me know if something doesn't make sense. :)


  1. How to make a pin cushions. Mason Jar Pin Cushion - Step 1 1

    Trace the flat inner circle of the lid on a thick piece of paper.
    Cut a 1/4 inch away from the inside of the circle (make it smaller) so it doesn't touch the sides.
    (I had to eyeball it because I haven't had a compass since high school)
    Then glue that paper to the bottom side of the flat lid.
    I used the paper so the fabric would stay adhered. Hot glue doesn't really stay stuck the the metal.

  2. How to make a pin cushions. Mason Jar Pin Cushion - Step 2 2

    Cut your fabric 1 inch larger then the flat lid. Then cut notches all around the circle almost to the original size of the lid (I traced the lid on the fabric too for this).
    The notches are for easy folding.

  3. How to make a pin cushions. Mason Jar Pin Cushion - Step 3 3

    Take a nice big fluffy hand full of cotton fill. Make sure you have a full tight ball that feels almost too big for your hand. You don't want it too small or you will not have a tall enough mount to hold the needles.

  4. 4

    Place the cotton fill in between the top part of the flat circle and the wrong side of the fabric. Have the fabric facing wrong side up, then the fill with the bottom side up lid on top (like a sandwich, a very dry and tough sandwich).

  5. How to make a pin cushions. Mason Jar Pin Cushion - Step 5 5

    (This is the tricky part, but not too difficult) Start to hot glue one notch while holding the cotton fill sandwich steady. Glue one notch at a time, starting with one then the opposite notch to help keep the fill in.

    Hot glue is well…HOT! Please be careful.

    Pull snug but not too tight. Remember to have a tall enough mount on the top.
    Continue to glue down the rest of the notches.

  6. How to make a pin cushions. Mason Jar Pin Cushion - Step 6 6

    After all it said that done, you can flip it right side up and add the ring and screw it back on the jar. Super easy.

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