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Version This project is a version of Mario Quilt Block by athenamat



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Lake Worth, Florida, Florida
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Based on Mario Quilt Block by athenamat

This is the first quilt I made and took about two weeks... counting that I couldnt work on it during the day and only at night.

I got a lot of fabric (the fabric was called cotton knits from Jo-ann fabrics), here are the amounts in inches of fabric to make about 2 of the mario figures:
Red: 12 x 64
Ivory: 12 x 61
Brown: 14 x 62
Black: 23 x 62

and then for the backrounds I had to run to the store to get more so I dont exactly know the measurements for that

each square was 2 x 2 and when sewn, i sewed a quarter inch or each together. If it helps any, I started from the top and from left to right with the squares . Then once the line was done, I moved on the the next strip until they were all completed. Afterwards I grabbed two strips and made sure they lined up in order to made the picture and put a pin in each square to hold both fabrics together. I used black thread for the entire blanket.
If you have any questions on how to make it or anything at all message me or leave a comment here :)


Nes Zelda Quilt Block

Nes Zelda Quilt Block

Old School Videogames + quilting = yes please.

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Not A Real Quilt ;)

Not A Real Quilt ;)

a lookalike patchwork plaid for my mom in law...

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T Shirt Quilt

T Shirt Quilt

christmas gift for my mom

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Simple Patchwork Quilt (No Batting)

Simple Patchwork Quilt (No Batting)

An easy first quilt.

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T Shirt Blanket

T Shirt Blanket

A fun blanket made out of old tshirts!

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Blue Green Quilt

Blue Green Quilt

My quilt for life

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