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Nice 'n' Simple

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Toronto, ON, Canada
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Take a fuzzy Marianas Trench with you everywhere

I saw a sweater like this in the 604 record store for one of my favourite bands, Marianas Trench, but it was sold out so I decided to make my own.
I put the band name the other way around on the sleeve then they originally had it and I put Fix Me on the back instead of the front because of the way the sweater was, but I've been dying to have one of these for more than a year! Took a long time to find a good sweater :)
Super happy with how it came out!



Altered Off Shoulder Knit Sweater

Altered Off Shoulder Knit Sweater

Who say's you can't alter a knit sweater?

♥ 114
Diy Galaxy Sweatshirt

Diy Galaxy Sweatshirt

Easy to do galaxy print with cool cross cut out

♥ 40
Buttony Sweater

Buttony Sweater

A cute autumn sweater with a top down raglan construction, worked flat in one piece.

♥ 223
Grumpy Cat Christmas Sweater

Grumpy Cat Christmas Sweater

Dashing through the NO.

♥ 52
Open The Turtleneck

Open The Turtleneck

Is the neck of your turtleneck too tight?

♥ 9



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