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Beautiful Art for Any Harry Potter Fan

I have had so much Harry Potter on the brain lately with the new movie, swap, lego HP video game, re-reading the books!
This started out as making the foldable marauders map, from the attachement. But it kept printing out all goofy, so I decided to go a different direction with it, and I like the end result a lot more than I expected :)

I printed out the map, cut it to the sixe of my canvas, glued it on, destressed the edges with an ink pad, then used the ink pad and a brush to add texture overall. Then I painted on the quote, highlighted it with gold paint, and glazed the whole thing! Lastly I added some ribbon to the back so I can hang it up.

If you open the attachment it actually has the map and how to fold it really cool, I found that at a different site.


Hallway World Map

Hallway World Map

Awesome countries on the way to the bathroom

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Pirate Treasure Map

Pirate Treasure Map

birthday, pirate, treasure, map, fun, kids

♥ 14
Disneyland Map

Disneyland Map

chart your course!

♥ 10
Marauder's Map

Marauder's Map

I solemly swear that I am up to no good...

♥ 31
Atlas Paper Art

Atlas Paper Art

Remember your vacation in beautiful art and recycle

♥ 5
Map Art Canvas Heart

Map Art Canvas Heart

map heart

♥ 12


Pam ^_^
Pam ^_^ · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 321 projects

Sorry hannah :S I never tried to fold the map, lol I just used the art for my project. Happy

Hannah W.
Hannah W. · Norwich, England, GB · 3 projects

i don't understand step 10 at all!! sorry. Please explain a little more? x

Pam ^_^
Pam ^_^ · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 321 projects
Lacey · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 30 projects

The attachment isn't working for me, is there a link for it maybe?


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