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It's cheap and easy!



  1. How to make a string. Make Paper Twine From Crepe Paper - Step 1 1

    Paper twine for wrapping packages or other craft projects can be rather costly and usually doesn't come in the color I like, so I decided to make my own.

    You'll need:
    Roll of crepe paper. You can find two rolls for a buck at the $ Tree. Wally World also has crepe paper rolls in the kraft brown color for $1.25 each.
    Paper Tube
    Dowel or skewer or knitting needle
    Another person to hold the dowel or a clamp to hold it.

  2. How to make a string. Make Paper Twine From Crepe Paper - Step 2 2

    Insert a wadded up end of the crepe paper into your drill. Make sure to tighten the drill so the paper stays in. Insert a dowel down the middle of the crepe paper roll. Have another person hold the dowel so you have a bit of tension while the roll spins. You'll need some space (like a hallway) to make long lengths of twine. Turn on the drill and start backing up and pulling lightly so the paper starts twisting while the other person holds the dowel. Continue letting the drill rotate until the paper is tightly twisted and you've reached the length you want.

    Have the other person rip the end of the crepe paper. Loosen the drill and remove the paper. Wrap it around the cardboard paper tube. Repeat the steps until you've completely wound all the crepe paper up into twine. One roll will make A LOT of paper twine.

    This goes quicker than you think! It's a bit harder to do by yourself because you need some tension on the other end, so having another person help for a few minutes is worth it.

    Make a supply of different colors.

    Have fun!

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