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Art Class 2011
Hetalia Fan Character Wip
Mask from scratch

I needed a mask for my cosplay, but I didn't have a base to start with, so I looked around and found that foil is the new thing for making something that has to fit just right!

Pictures to be uploaded later, when my stupid camera works



  • Step 1

    Okay! First off, fold a piece of paper in half and create the design you want to use. This won't be set in stone of course, but it really does help later on.

  • Step 2

    Next, get out the tinfoil. You want it to be thick, so it'll keep shape, and so you can used it later. I used two sheets which I folded to get the thickness of four.

  • Step 3

    Now take a deep breath and put the tinfoil over your face, and press it down to form as much as you can, pressing down around the eyes and nose especially. Don't worry if you can't get all the detail yet, you can work it in no problem.

  • Step 4

    Okay, now you want to take your duct tape and pull the length you need, but don't cut yet! Place the start of the tape where you want it to go on the tinfoil, I did my horizontally, and carefully put the tinfoil over your face again, making sure to keep the end of the tape attached but not touching anything else. Woot, this part is easy! Now that the foil is on your face finally pull the tape and put it where you want, pressing it lightly as you go, and remember to press into the nose and eyes!

  • Step 5

    Good job tape princess! Now you have to repeat this step until you cover all of the mask you want to use. This needs a lot of duct tape, so if you need you can also switch to masking tape, but scotch tape it a bad idea.

  • Step 6

    Now that the outside is keeping it's shape, put it on again, and press around your eyes and nose again, and use a pencil or fingernails, if long enough, to mark the shape of your eyes on both sides and the bridge of your nose. Now go over it with a sharpie to make sure it stays.

  • Step 7

    Now it's time to tape the inside of the mask. I did this part vertically, but I don't think it really matters.

  • Step 8

    This part can be a pain. Take your sharpie and draw the design you want, this is where I would recommend using the paper draft you made as the start, and trace it along the mask for symmetry. I on the other hand, free handed it, since I decided I wanted something more exciting than my draft. Well whatever you choose mark it down in marker and prepare the scissors.

  • Step 9

    This step is a pain, no "can be" to it. Now you need to cut out your mask, but don't cut the eyes just yet. Cutting this can get hard around the main part of the mask, depending on how much tape, and what kind, you used. After this don't get freaked out if the mask lies flat, because it'll take the proper shape when you put it on again.

  • Step 10

    Okay, now that the mask is cut out it's time for the eyes. Ready your exacto knife and start with the shape of the eyes. don't try to get through all of it at once, go through layer at a time, it's easier. And as a friendly tip, put some horizontal tape on the inside of the nose to keep the bend and pad of it; or you can take some wire, put it over your nose to get the shape, and tape it down.

  • Step 11

    Woot! Now all we have to do is decorate! Take the cloth you want to use and trace the shape of the mask, but cut the cloth to be bigger. If you want to put a lot of sparkles or jewels on it I recommend using muslin or burlap. If you're using a marker see if it goes through to the other side of the cloth, and if it does draw your mask outline a little further from the mask.

  • Step 12

    Now ready the glue gun, and glue a thick rim around the top then glue it to the cloth. Then glue the rest together, you can usually get the sides and bottom in one go, but if not do it piece by piece.

  • Step 13

    Now it's time to put all of it together, so cut the cloth along each bend, and cut more on curves. Glue the tabs to the back of the mask.
    For the eyes cut a + and glue it down the same. This part, for the eyes especially, it can be a little painful, so I used a pair of cheap toy scissors to press it down, but if you don't have something like that, you can use a bobby pin or the thick part of a hair clip.

  • Step 14

    I also wanted to do an eye detail, but didn't want to mess anything up, so I traced the shape of my eyes again and experimented with the style I wanted to use, and cut it out on the fabric, leaving the space of the eyes intact instead of cutting it.
    I put it where I wanted, making sure to press and see if it would stay, and glued it down, then just cut out the eyes, not bothering to glue it on the inside.

  • How to make a masquerade. Make A Mask From Scratch - Step 14
    Step 15

    The last and final step, the tie. Now my mask lies flat when it's not on my head, so I have to do a tie instead of the cool masquerade thingy. Any way, fold the end of your ribbon over, glue it together, then glue the ribbon down at the desired length, and remember to leave enough room for it to actually tie.

    All done!

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Louise Quatorze
Louise Quatorze · Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland, NL · 22 projects
Very nice!!!
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Everything about this mask SCREAMS "I Am She-Ra Princess Of Power!" I love it lol!

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