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About this project

What does a B.A. Dragon Priestess carry around?

The tin has:
A spell book, a vampire fang, A rare silver coin, A beauty mask/ potion, an Occulous potion, a keyblade that doubles as a skeleton key( a key that can open any kind of lock) and a wand known as the broken flesh wand. If you have any questions; let me know :)



Trinket Box

Trinket Box

Awesome trinket box from old book

♥ 10
Super Simple  Fabric Covered Storage

Super Simple Fabric Covered Storage

Great for holding sewing supplies, headphones, spare change and more!

♥ 2
Faux Wood Altoid Tin Box

Faux Wood Altoid Tin Box

Classy, finished wooden box minus the wood.

♥ 51
Decorated Aid Tin

Decorated Aid Tin

Don't you just want to eat it?

♥ 7
The Cute Little Tin

The Cute Little Tin

A little something that is cute and handy.

♥ 20
Ouija Board Tin

Ouija Board Tin

OooooOoo Whats inside?

♥ 49



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