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About this project

So so
Why read magazines when you can wear them?

So I made this magazine bag for almost a year now and didn't think to upload it until today.

I hoard EVERYTHING, and when I was eleven I was really into Neopets. I subscribed to the magazines and everything. I've been keeping those magazines for all these years, just because I am unable to throw ANYTHING away. Then I realised that since the paper is really thick and colourful, it would be perfect for a flashy, fun bag.

I weaved the strips together (there are tutorials on this site for that) using elastic string, and then covered it with PVA glue to make it waterproof and a bit stronger. The strap is a string of Christmas decorations, big gold beads. The whole thing is quite tacky but really cute.

It takes a loooong time. I'm going to put 10 hours just to be on the safe side.


Pop Tab Purse

Pop Tab Purse

A purse of tab!

♥ 6
Scarf Bag Diy

Scarf Bag Diy

Make a scarf bag

♥ 65
Paris Map Purse

Paris Map Purse

Navigate the city in style.

♥ 104
Bra Purse

Bra Purse

Bra purse

♥ 15
Pop Tab Purse  Hemp

Pop Tab Purse Hemp

Insert Short snappy description here...

♥ 16
Pop Tab Purse   Yarn

Pop Tab Purse Yarn

Insert Short snappy description Here...

♥ 7



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