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Why read magazines when you can wear them?

So I made this magazine bag for almost a year now and didn't think to upload it until today.

I hoard EVERYTHING, and when I was eleven I was really into Neopets. I subscribed to the magazines and everything. I've been keeping those magazines for all these years, just because I am unable to throw ANYTHING away. Then I realised that since the paper is really thick and colourful, it would be perfect for a flashy, fun bag.

I weaved the strips together (there are tutorials on this site for that) using elastic string, and then covered it with PVA glue to make it waterproof and a bit stronger. The strap is a string of Christmas decorations, big gold beads. The whole thing is quite tacky but really cute.

It takes a loooong time. I'm going to put 10 hours just to be on the safe side.


Kate Spade Owl Purse

Kate Spade Owl Purse

Like the original, hate the price? Try this DIY!

♥ 300
Folded Magazine Purse

Folded Magazine Purse

Funky Way to display old, unused magazines :D

♥ 79
Jeans Bag

Jeans Bag

First jeans bag

♥ 84
Quilted Shoulder Bag

Quilted Shoulder Bag

Sew yourself a gorgeous designer style bag!

♥ 91
Sideway Jeans Bag

Sideway Jeans Bag

Used jeans, bag, purse

♥ 173
Reversible Bag

Reversible Bag

Reversible bag tutorial

♥ 724



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