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London Punk Stencil Shirt
Based on London Punk Stencil Shirt by Combat Ruffle

You'll need:
-A plain t-shirt
-Red and blue fabric paint
-Simple paint brushes
-I like to have a pallet for my paint, so that I don't create a mess.
-Water,to clean the brushes in between colors
-Scissors (Any Kind)
-You can optionally get fabric for the bow tie.
-I used black lace on the bottom.
-A needle and thread or sewing machine

I would make any necessary cuts before I started to paint. You can make the neck lower if you want or shorten the sleeves. Adjust it to where it will be comfortable. Personally, I felt like the neck was choking me. To fringe, find a desirable length of the fringe and start cutting up and down. Tug the fringe when your done cutting. Go ahead and sew your black lace on. Now, I looked at a picture of the flag on the internet and went from there. I used a book to trace the outline of the flag. After, I painted the sketch. I let the shirt set out over night to dry, but it doesn't really take that long. The final step was creating a bow tie. You can use other bow tie that's already sewn if you want to. You must sketch the bow tie on paper ,and cut it out to use as a border when finding the right lengths and widths for your bow tie fabric. Once you have two bow tie fabrics that look pretty much the same size, you can start sewing. I put cotton in mine to hold it up, but it's completely up to you. You can either make the bow tie a necklace type deal or sew it onto your shirt.
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