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About this project

Little flower pot hanger

I had such a fun time making this one. It was super easy and fast and looks so cute on my balcony!

I just took several small flower pots of different sizes starting with smallest to biggest.

I used a bit heavier string and got a drill bit the same size. The pots are actually fragile and you dont want them to chip so I just used my hands to bore out the little holes in the bottom of each pot.

Then tie a knot at the end of the string/rope and start with the smallest pot. Decide the distance you want between and repeat knot then pot till you have them all strung. Make a loop and hang it somewhere nice that suits you.

*Tip: You can paint the pots or add stickers or rhinestones or glitter glue or decopauge or whatever. I liked mine just rustic clay red. You can also use chain in between them or fashion them anyway you want to individualize the look.


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