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Tutorial: Leather Mushrooms

I came across the idea of making leather mushrooms here. I have a box of leather scraps (remnants from a furniture factory) that yielded perfect materials, but vinyl would work just as well. These were very easy to make and quick (except for the time needed to allow the glue to dry). I used Gorilla Glue, but I've read that rubber cement also works well for gluing leather as long as little strain is put on the bond. If you've tried using rubber cement on leather, please let us know how well it worked for you in the comment section.



  1. How to make a toadstool plushie. Leather Mushrooms - Step 1 1

    Cut two circles (the same size) for the top and bottom of the mushroom cap. Cut a roughly rectangular shape for the stem.

  2. How to make a toadstool plushie. Leather Mushrooms - Step 2 2

    Cut two slits to form an X in the center of the circle you wish to use for the underside of the mushroom cap.

  3. How to make a toadstool plushie. Leather Mushrooms - Step 3 3

    Lay a bead of glue on the wrong side of top piece of the cap. Lay the top and the bottom of the cap together (right sides out). Make sure that the middle area remains glue-free.

  4. How to make a toadstool plushie. Leather Mushrooms - Step 4 4

    Create the mushroom stem by spreading a thin even layer of glue on the rectangular piece and rolling it up. Hold together with binder clips until completely dry.

  5. How to make a toadstool plushie. Leather Mushrooms - Step 5 5

    Once the glue on the mushroom cap is completely dry, stuff it. I used diy recycled stuffing made from thinly cut strips of plastic grocery bag, but poly fill or wool would work equally well. Stuffing is inserted into the cap through the X-shaped slits you made before gluing the top and bottom of the cap together.

  6. How to make a toadstool plushie. Leather Mushrooms - Step 6 6

    Attach the stem by squeezing glue into the hole in the underside of the cap and pressing the end of the stem in as far as you can. You may need to prop the stem against something to hold it upright as it dries.

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Miss Muffin of Doom
Miss Muffin of Doom · Lisbon, Lisbon, PT · 17 projects

so easy and looks amazing! I´ll definitely make some soon.

zombiegurl · Bristol, England, GB · 7 projects

just made two. Happy
Thanks for sharing!!!!


Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects

wooow this is awesome, and sooo pretty! thanks for sharing and how to;-D

Becks S.
Becks S. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 36 projects

oh cuteness!

ely. · Victorville, California, US · 9 projects

Those are so cute! What a fantastic idea, I can't wait to try making some to go in my room.

Elizabeth A.
Elizabeth A. · Pacific, Missouri, US · 19 projects


vInTaGe~VioLeT · Bideford, England, GB · 43 projects

ooohh i love these mushrooms!


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