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Dallas, Texas, US
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Tatted lace and leather cuff make an awesome bracelet.

Not sure where this idea came from, but when it struck me I had to make it immediately. Had some left over leather scraps to cut into a cuff and made a simple laced closure at the back.

For the Lace, I needle tatted this Celtic Medallion from a free pattern online and attached it with small dots of fabric glue.


Handcrafted Bracelet

Handcrafted Bracelet

Have some left over leather from our previous project? Make a bracelet!

♥ 3
Illusion Knot Bracelet

Illusion Knot Bracelet

looks like a nautical knot, but it is not

♥ 38
Leather Scrap Wrap Bracelet

Leather Scrap Wrap Bracelet

Inspired by the bracelets worn by Johnny Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean".

♥ 53
Leather Bracelet

Leather Bracelet

Add an edge your arm swag!

♥ 26
Leather 'N Lace Wrist Cuff

Leather 'N Lace Wrist Cuff

A quick and easy steampunk accesory

♥ 9
Di Y Leather Cuff

Di Y Leather Cuff

read above^

♥ 75



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