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A beautiful handmade gift for your loved one or yourself

I made this little lavender filled heart using the following instructions
1. Cut out two heart shapes from felt
2. Sew on decorations or beads and a ribbon (to use as a hanger)
3. Sew all around the edges using a blanket stitch in a contrasting colour leaving a little bit open so you can fill it with a mixture of lavender and linseed or flaxseed.
4. Complete the sewing all around.
5. Put under your loved one's pillow to ensure a sound night's sleep xxx
I have made lots of these in various colours and have also sewn buttons on instead of beads for decoration. I think the possibilities are endless on this one :)


Warm Hearts

Warm Hearts

Rice pack and crochet heart cozy.

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Heart Plushie

Heart Plushie

To the One I Love

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Heart Felt Pastry Plush

Heart Felt Pastry Plush

Make a cute little pastry to play with!

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Beaded Hearts

Beaded Hearts

Nice and colorful beaded hearts, that can be made as pendants or keyrings

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Ribbon Heart

Ribbon Heart

The perfect gift for a loved one!

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Crochet Heart

Crochet Heart

crochet yourself a little garland of hearts, or use them as decorations on gift wrapping

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