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Pretty Easy

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, British Columbia, Canada
Square small bluejay 1314992716
Square small catish hat by keladrey d37lcw6 1314996145
Square small lace heart choker by keladrey d36qnqr 1314994446
Square small birthday cake 2 1314426300
when you need a fancy collar in a matter of seconds! .

So this is for anything where you'd need to be in costume and your fancy collar has broken, or you just don't want to take the time / spend the money for the real deal. I find it very hand for photo shoot and costumes because it's so simple and totally reusable.




  1. How to make a choker necklace. Last Minute Lace/Ribbon Collar - Step 1 1

    It's only one step. You need a piece of lace or ribbon at your desired length, and a clip on earing, scarf clip, pin or brooch. Unless you're willing to damage the earing, don't use the standard post type, or you'll stab yourself in the neck. hold lace/ribbon where you want it to cross and pin/clip on item of choice. All done! You can spin it to the back if you've got a nice long flowing ribbon train going on, or have a short nurse like cross over in the front, no problem.

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