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Pretty Easy

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albuquerque nm, nm, United States
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awesome lace socks with ruffles lolita gothic and chic

so i saw a picture of kerli wearing these awesome lace socks and they look amazing with high heels and thought i had to try and make them myself




  1. How to make a sock. Lace Socks  - Step 1 1

    first of all find some stretchy lace fabric and a good fitting sock of yours
    * fold the fabric lay your sock on top of the fabric pin it , the cut it out.

  2. How to make a sock. Lace Socks  - Step 2 2

    ok now for the ruffles cut out two long stripes of the same size and sew the top of each one with the highest tension of the thread and the longest stitch possible this will make ruffles on it is really easy

  3. How to make a sock. Lace Socks  - Step 3 3

    ok now lets attach the ruffle to the sock open the sock pattern you made and place the ruffle on top of it and sew it .

  4. How to make a sock. Lace Socks  - Step 4 4

    fold it and sew the sock form all the way from the ruffle to the tip of the sock and voila you got yourself a pair of awesome lace socks

  5. How to make a sock. Lace Socks  - Step 5 5


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