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Nice 'n' Simple
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Almost Nothing

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Ephrata, Pennsylvania, ,
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It's not a poker face... It's a lace face ;)

I held the doily up to my face in the desired areas and pressed color on top. To get the pattern I wanted, it involved two applications. It's generally never a straight shot in which you only have to hold the doily in one place. I aligned the pressed patterns as much as I could. I then went in with a dark eye shadow and filled in the spaces in the pattern that I thought should be darker. I also outline the entire lace pattern with a dark eye shadow. I finished off with light lip color and all-over glitter.


Mardi Gras Face Painting

Mardi Gras Face Painting

Mardi Gras Design by Ashley Pickin

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Face Paint A Star

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Alice Liddell's Insane Asylum Makeup

Alice Liddell's Insane Asylum Makeup

American McGee's Alice : The Madness Returns Cosplay Makeup

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Roy Lichtenstein Girl Makeup!

Roy Lichtenstein Girl Makeup!

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Blacklight Makeup!

Blacklight Makeup!

Makeup that's sure to glow!

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Creppy Nutcracker Mouth Tutorial

Creppy Nutcracker Mouth Tutorial

Creppy nutcracker tutorial

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