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Pretty Easy

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, , Serbia
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Ideal for halloween, or masquarade party!

The first version of this mask I made for my friend for last Halloween. I was inspired by Venetian masks, now I had inspiration to do it one more time, for my sister. Of course, you can buy mask, but it isn't so much fun, like when you do it by yourself :)
Note: Before you start, make a pattern for your mask, or find it on web, just tipe in EYE MASK PATTERN, than pose it in print preview, to make it size approximately to your face. Print it and cut it :)




  1. Step 1 1

    Cross out your mask pattern on card board to get your mask base.

  2. Step 2 2

    Cut it, than glue it on fabric.

  3. Step 3 3

    Cut the surplus of fabric.

  4. Step 4 4

    Glue it on fabric from opposite side, and cut surplus again.
    Note: wait before glue dry.

  5. Step 5 5

    Burn ends of fabric, so they don't split out.

  6. Step 6 6

    Glue lace on your mask base.

  7. Step 7 7

    Cut the surplus and burn the ends of lace.

  8. Step 8 8

    Get black nail polish and make a line around eye holes on your mask (to cover empty space which is not cover with lace.

  9. Step 9 9

    Take your decoration supplies, and glue it on mask. I use sequines and glue them around eye holes. You might aslo use feathers, beads, glitters, ribbons etc.

  10. Step 10 10

    Get awl and make holes for elastic band, which will go around your head.

  11. Step 11 11

    Pull band throught holes and measure volume of your head and cut the band.

  12. Step 12 12

    Sew band, or just wrap it.

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