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Wantage, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
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A simple wire bracelet :)

I found knitting with wire really difficult at first but you get used to it and it looks really pretty! :) Plus you have to thread the beads before you start knitting (which I almost forgot to do!) But The wire can be a bit scratchy so beware! ;)


Extract from

Twist and Loop: Dozens of Jewelry Designs to Knit and Crochet with Wire by Annie Modesitt

Published by Potter Craft

Wire jewelry reimagined

In search of new ways to explore the potential of crochet and knitting, renowned designer Annie Modesitt picked up some unusual tools: wire, beads, and ribbon. The results were unlike anything she’d created before: sparkling, multifaceted creations with intricate texture and movement. Annie was hooked—and you will be too. This collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pins opens a whole new avenue for crafters looking for the fun, the unusual, and the beautiful.

Whether you love creating uniquely beautiful pieces of jewelry or you’re seeking a new knitting or crocheting challenge, Twist and Loop offers step-by-step guidance for exquisite results. Annie guides you through the basics of knitting and crocheting with wire—including casting on, stitching, blocking, binding off, and more. She also offers advice to experienced knitters and crocheters for translating skills from yarn to wire, including basics like selecting the right metals and tools. The projects allow a wide range of customization so that each piece of jewelry you make can be unique. Detailed illustrations and full-color photographs accompany each design. From a sterling silver bracelet and a loosely knit necklace bedecked with pearls, to a blue velvet choker and woven wreath earrings, these projects combine metal with beads, fabric, and gems in the most innovative ways.

“Wire knitting sparkles, it shines and glimmers. When I wear a jewelry piece I have knit, I feel adorned,” Annie Modesitt writes. So adorn yourself with these uniquely beautiful creations!

In Twist and Loop, the world of jewelry making teams with knitting and crocheting—with remarkably beautiful results. Renowned designer Annie Modesitt combines her love for uniquely intricate jewelry with her passion for needle crafts: The results are sparkling and delicate creations unlike any jewelry you’ve seen before. Twist and Loop is a comprehensive guide to making exciting jewelry out of wire, including twenty-five designs for making necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Sparkly bangles, silver and pearl chokers, and funky brooches are just a few minutes away!

© 2014 Annie Modesitt / Potter Craft · Reproduced with permission.
Swirly Wire Bracelet

Swirly Wire Bracelet


♥ 43
Wire Wrapped Bead Bracelet

Wire Wrapped Bead Bracelet

Glass beads and wire, with a screw clasp. Easy to make once you get the hang of the wire wrapping bit!

♥ 0
Wire Wrapped Jewelry Set

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Set

Made by wire wrapping beads, handmade links and rings!

♥ 1
Wire Love Bracelet

Wire Love Bracelet

Wear your love on your wrist

♥ 38
Tri Color Wire Bracelets

Tri Color Wire Bracelets


♥ 83
Crocheted Wire Bracelet

Crocheted Wire Bracelet

crochet and wire

♥ 7



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