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Knitted Fabric Strip Handbag/Purses
Collaged Shopping Bag
Fabric Knitted Purse

I couldn't get excited about knitting with yarn due to some "failed experiments" as a teen, but when I found out you could knit with fabric strips, I had to try it! The book that inspired me was "Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Knitting by Cyndy Lyle Rymer. I love the feel and texture of these bags... and it is fun to go through your stash and find colors that look great knitted into a purse like these. Even some of those fabrics whose prints you wonder "what were you thinking when you bought"...look good when torn into strips and knitted. In the book is a method for attaching the strips to each other without gluing or sewing which speeded up the time it takes to knit the purse. It involves cutting a slit close to the end of one strip and inserting the end of one strip into the other.
I did some purses with rope handles and some with fabric knit handles (which I had to reinforce by sewing grossgrain ribbon to the underside to keep the handle from stretching out too much). Either way works...the rope handle takes less labor and brings in an added element.

Granny Square Hand Bag  (Turning Flowers Into Granny Squares)

Granny Square Hand Bag (Turning Flowers Into Granny Squares)

Once you have completed your 17 flowers (shown in flower tutorial) its time to turn them into a granny square

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Crochet A Chunky Hanging Bag

Crochet A Chunky Hanging Bag

Use bulky yarn and crochet a great hanging bag

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Tiny Crochet Bag

Tiny Crochet Bag

These super cure bags are just the right size for an egg! Great Easter gift.

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Crochet Rag Bag

Crochet Rag Bag

Turn scrap fabrics and materials in to a bag.

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Bohemian Gypsy Bag (Crochet)

Bohemian Gypsy Bag (Crochet)

Great way to use up scraps!

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Crochet A Free People Like Beach Bag

Crochet A Free People Like Beach Bag

Save tons of dough by making your own!

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Donna L.
Donna L.

Can I get the directions to the chroceted bag using the the faberic

Alice G.
Alice G. · 1 project

How wide do you make the fabric strips?and im also wondering how heavy this would be in crochet.

ale_corason · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 49 projects

It's beautiful, I love it!


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