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Easy loom knit throws and blankets

I made these over a period of probably 2 years. I would have more made, but I haven't used my kk looms lately. I'm crocheting a couple now.
I love my knifty knitter looms, which are faster than needles and a great alternative if you've tried knitting with needles. I did...I'm not as fast with using them.

Most of these were done using the regular e-wrap stitch, with the 5th and 8th ones I used my purple kk loom using the zig-zag wrap, so both sides look the same.
The 6th one is half finished, using a varigated and a solid color yarn, that was pain in the butt with switching back and forth between the two colors and multiple strands being used at one time.
The 7th one I used a knit stitch and purl stitch to create the pattern (refer to the close up to see).
The last one was done on my smallest round loom (the blue loom).

Triangle Blanket

Triangle Blanket

Crochet Basics

♥ 10
Groovy Ghan

Groovy Ghan

Crochet a groovy ghan

♥ 37
Nautical Chevron Blanket

Nautical Chevron Blanket

Crochet Blanket

♥ 3
Ermintrude Crochet Blanket

Ermintrude Crochet Blanket

Ermintrude crochet flower blanket

♥ 0
Sunset Crush Blanket

Sunset Crush Blanket

Honour the hot days and cool nights of a very British summer

♥ 1
Knit Baby Blanket

Knit Baby Blanket

Baby shower gift for a friend.

♥ 7


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