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Madrid, Spain, Spain
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Black and pink cat cushions

This was my first creation ever. My grandma hekped me out because I didn't know how to use a sewing machine... I made them as a birthday present and my friend liked them so much :)



Pillow Cube

Pillow Cube

It good for snuggling and kittens love them!

♥ 46
Appa Pillow Pet

Appa Pillow Pet

A flying pillow bison to carry you off to sweet dreams

♥ 271
Easy Minion Cushion

Easy Minion Cushion

Want a minion, and quick? Easy tutorial for beginners (me) that can't tackle 3D yet..

♥ 24
Pokeball Pillow

Pokeball Pillow

A cute pillow made after the Pokemon Pokeball

♥ 175
Big Donut Pillow

Big Donut Pillow

my second donut pillow

♥ 14
Hello Kitty Pillow

Hello Kitty Pillow

Can't get enough of HK?

♥ 30



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