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Temerin, Vojvodina, RS
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Hungarian kifli recipe

This is the recipe of the traditional Hungarian Kifli.There are many variations,you can make it sweet or salty.It can be filled with jam,walnuts,vanilla,or make it pizza flavored,fill it with cheese or just make it empty,it will taste great with any flavor.Mine is made with ham.



  1. How to bake a pastry. Kifli - Step 1 1

    Make the dough from:
    5OO ml milk,1kg flour,yeast,3 coffe spoon baking powder,pinch of salt,1 coffe spoon sugar,2 dl oil.
    Leave it on a warm place for an hour.
    When it comes up cut it to four pieces.
    From this amount of dough you will get 3O kiflis.It depends on how big you make them.

  2. How to bake a pastry. Kifli - Step 2 2

    Cut your ham to triangles.
    Mix one egg.(the yellow bowl on the picture)
    Mix two spoons of flour with Two spoons of salt and add water to make it like paste.(the white bowl on the picture)

  3. How to bake a pastry. Kifli - Step 3 3

    Get one from the four pieces of dough and lenghten it out. It should be really thin.

  4. How to bake a pastry. Kifli - Step 4 4

    cut it with a knife in to triangle shaped pieces.

  5. How to bake a pastry. Kifli - Step 5 5

    put one piece of ham on each triangle.If your using jam just put one spoon of it on the middle of each triangle.

  6. How to bake a pastry. Kifli - Step 6 6

    roll every piece up.

  7. How to bake a pastry. Kifli - Step 7 7

    oil your pan or put some baking paper in it.Put the kiflis in it.Now get a brush and paint every kifli with the eggs.Spread some sesame on them and sprinkle it with the salty white stuff.
    If your making it sweet(with jam,walnuts,vanilla) leave the salty stuff out.Thats obvious. :)

  8. How to bake a pastry. Kifli - Step 8 8

    Bake them in a preheated oven,on 18O C for 2O minutes.When the top gets light brown there done.
    Their nice and crispy,but soft inside.You can make them bigger or really small for snacks.
    You can fill them with just abouth anything that you have laying around in the fridge.Even with leftover chicken, or hot dogs.
    If your making them sweet sprinkle them with cinnamon or powdered sugar.
    Hope you like it,if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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