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Nice 'n' Simple

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xenia, ohio, United States
Square small espiii
Square small drago
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I <3 kingdom hearts! axel is my fav. lol.

okay so i really loved the organizations coats..but i wanted something i could actually wear all the time so i made this hoodie based off the coat. basically, all you need is a fitted hoodie, and some long silver cord and sew it to the hood, same with the chain link, and just add a kingdom hearts pin or something to prop it up. I got mine at hot-topic. Thanks for viewing. :)



Side Zip Sweatshirt

Side Zip Sweatshirt

Something different for cold weather.

♥ 7
Toothless The Dragon Jacket

Toothless The Dragon Jacket

How to Train Your Dragon Character Hoodie

♥ 29
Gothic Kitty Hoodie

Gothic Kitty Hoodie

Meow :3

♥ 13
Rayman Hoodie

Rayman Hoodie

The unmistakable signature hoodie, this time with arms!

♥ 1
Reconstructed T Shirt Hoodie

Reconstructed T Shirt Hoodie

niffty hoodie made out of a t-shirt and fabric

♥ 23
Hooded Corset

Hooded Corset

Hooded corset, Gothic renaissance, pretty darn good!

♥ 90



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