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Haarlem, North-Holland, Netherlands
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plastic fuesed recycled bags around a model

I must clean a lot of my materials-S But the reason isn't so bad. i will move next year to a brand new appartment.;-D
so i tought i must do something with my plastic bags which i had saved for many years to do some cool project with.
i saw on a site , don't know from whom? some plastic doll made of plastic bags, she didn't fuesed them, i read, so i thought that makes them much stronger.
so i thought that 's great to experiment and learn how you can fuesed the plastic around the mold allready.
so i had tryed it out and came with this tute, hope you will like it too;-D
hope you all like it to try this out too.

some importend notes:
- little flat-irons will be heath too, so watch out for burning your fingers and workingplace.
-ooooh , don't do this in a not ventilated room, i did this outside.
-always put between the plastic and the flat iron a piece of baking paper

not of all the steps i have made pictures but with the directions i will given you , it must work too.
i've you don't understand it or have questions, please feel free to ask them;-D
much crafting fun with this adventure;-D




  1. How to make a pig plushie. Just A Fuesed Plastic Bag Plushie Without Sewing - Step 1 1

    all the bags must be clean, so i've not wash them in a little handwash with soap and water and let them dry.!!!
    this is importend because with the fuesing the bags will be smelly of dirt too.
    it will be smelly anyway.!
    cut the bags in strips.

  2. 2

    wrap the mold in tin foil ,i've you don't want to damaged the mold. I had this piggy it was broken so i didn't care toooo much to damage it a little more.
    but i wasn't sure how the fuesed plastic will react on the surface of the mold.
    Stroke the tin foild smooth on the surface so you don't see any more bumbings, or only tiny ones.;-D

  3. 3

    take a piece of baking paper and cut of some little piece of it, not all of them, only some, so you can use the pieces that are more handy to use on some parts of the proces.

  4. How to make a pig plushie. Just A Fuesed Plastic Bag Plushie Without Sewing - Step 4 4

    cut of little pieces of the strips of plastic.
    You can better round of the ends that works better in the fuesing process;-D

    et on your tiny flat-iron.
    Mine was standing on the middle high position for fuesing the plastic pieces. But it's depending of which kind of plastic bags you will use.
    the normal crogery bags that are more thinner, then you must set the stand a little bit lower.
    but for the more stronger ones of the plastic you need more heath.

  5. How to make a pig plushie. Just A Fuesed Plastic Bag Plushie Without Sewing - Step 5 5

    the fuesing.
    take first some long strips to wrap them around the mold for just a start.
    take a piece of paper to cover the plastic and start to iron the plastic, it take a little while but don't stop with moving the flat iron, otherwise you will become holes of melting plastic.
    i think you don't like that, when this will happen,
    you can set you flat -iron a little bit lower and add a patch of plastic over those holes.;-D

  6. How to make a pig plushie. Just A Fuesed Plastic Bag Plushie Without Sewing - Step 6 6

    On the picture you see that the fuesed piece are having wrinkels that's the sign that the plastic is fuesed together, you can see too that some of the edges of the stroke didn't fuesed .
    Later on i thought i must cut them in round shapes , and that is working much better.

    After one layer add 2 layer above it, so you become a strong material.
    You can use the same strokes or and i prefer that even more, use a large piece of plastic to fuesing it on the fabric you are making, on some points you must make cuts in the plastic or cut some parts away , otherwise you will got too much thickness wrinkels on some places.

  7. 7

    when the whole mold or statue is covered .
    you must look were it will be a smart place to cut the material in the two.
    On that part you must make the material stronger with some extra layer of plastic fuesing.
    cut the fuesing fabric careful off your mold, and with connecting those cutting-sets again with some clair tape of yours.

  8. How to make a pig plushie. Just A Fuesed Plastic Bag Plushie Without Sewing - Step 8 8

    fill the pieces with some plastic airwrapping.
    and make the part with the tape together,, and add some more wrapping plastic for your plushie.
    and close the the cutting seam with some more clear tape.
    (i had wraped the whole plushie which i ironed, so that's why he became so shiny;-D)

    note, you can iron this tape too , or add some pieces of plastic that you will fuesed to the plushie by ironing.;-D
    and then your recycled plushie is ready .

    you can use on the top layer the design of your bags, or the text that is on the bags.
    i did t his with this plushie on his back i used the note that he can be recycled.LOL
    and i add some coloured patches on some of his body, like i did with his eyes and eyers be creative and have fun..;-D

    hope you like it and have fun with this recyling project , my friends loved the plushie so i think it's a perfect gift too;-D.

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