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Pretty Easy

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Land of the L, Ohio, United States
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But,soft! what light through yonder window breaks?

The first in my Literary character themed makeup. I thought best to start with Shakespeares Juliet.



You Will Need

Almost Nothing

  1. How to create eye makeup. Juliet - Step 1 1

    Okay not really a step,but make sure your eye area is clean and ready for primer.

  2. How to create eye makeup. Juliet - Step 2 2

    Line your eye with a sharp liquid liner in brown.
    I used Kat von D's liquid liner in Immortal love
    (I usually do eyeliner before primer when using liquid liner:let it dry before applying the primer so as not to smudge the color)

  3. How to create eye makeup. Juliet - Step 3 3

    Put primer all over your eyelid from base of lashes all the way to the browbone.
    I used a generic primer that you can pick up cheap at Ulta.

  4. How to create eye makeup. Juliet - Step 4 4

    Cover the lid in a light cranberry color with a pinkish tint. This will go just on the lid area,not into the crease.

  5. How to create eye makeup. Juliet - Step 5 5

    Next take a darker pink with more of a red base and apply that along the crease,forming a shape that you want. (I used just a basic smokey style)

  6. How to create eye makeup. Juliet - Step 6 6

    Then I took a silvery shade with a hint of pink glitter in it and put that along the sides of the dark pink color,just to make that darker shade pop.
    Also highlight the browbone with a white glitter shadow.

  7. How to create eye makeup. Juliet - Step 7 7

    Finally I added a dark red/black sparkle shadow to the outer "V" and applied some mascara.

    Now if you don't have specifics of these colors use Maybelline New Yorks Eyestudio palette in Taupe Temptress. ;)

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